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Who We are.

Roof Pros is taking over the Clarke, Oconee, and Jackson Counties as the most experienced roofing contractors in the area! We have a combined 20 years of quality customer service on scores of roofing projects.

Roof Pros specializes in roof installation for partial repair, as well as full roof replacement services on residential and commercial projects throughout the area. We are a licensed and insured roofing contractor that is well-versed in the roofing business and more than capable to work with businesses and homeowners on all their required roofing needs. We look forward to your call and are ready to prove that our roofing work is guaranteed to get the results desired, at an affordable price.

When choosing Roof Pros, you are not only choosing expert roofers with experience, you are guaranteed an expert roofing service with a proven result. Working throughout the Southeast, we know our way around a Georgia roof, and are very familiar with the unpredictable weather this state is prone to encounter. Roof Pros knows the importance of a safe and durable roof, and if you experience an emergency due to storm damage, our specialists are professionally trained to quickly and readily identify problems and then repair roof damage due to storms.

As licensed roofing contractors, Roof Pros ensures a basic understanding and no-cost, no-obligation roof inspection of your facility’s roof covering prior to any services that may be performed by our team. We aim to compliment every residential and commercial property we encounter as a roofing contractor, by providing the most practical and energy-efficient materials every time. This roofing analysis is necessary to provide our customers the most affordable and durable services for their roof that will last their natural life-cycle through proper maintenance and care. When you choose a roofing contractor around the Clarke, Oconee, and Jackson counties of Georgia, do not conform to some no-name roofing contractor. Choose a roofing expert like Roof Pros!

Advantages for Choosing us for your Roofing Needs.

While we are experienced throughout a good portion of the state of Georgia, we are now available within and around the Athens, Georgia area. Our specialists are now local in the area, and are ready to serve the following cities: Winterville, Watkinsville, Bishop, North High Shoals, Jefferson, Commerce, Hoschton, Pendergrass, Talmo, Arcade, Nicholson, Clarke County and more!

Roofing in Athens GA is something we specialize in, bringing 20 years of experience to the area. We know the roofing business, and even though most roofing contractors state they have seen it all – we understand from our expert experience that every single project is different. We bring that expert custom service to every customer we encounter, guaranteeing professional services and materials for their specific project.

As Athens roofing contractors, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor that is registered to perform in the state of Georgia. While roofing can be an expensive process based off insurance cost, our professionals aim to provide the best viable option to its customers on every project we are involved with – whether it is a simple roof repair or a full roof replacement. We understand that roofing is a substantial investment, we are here to provide the highest quality services at an affordable price. Roof Pros is dedicated to you, our customers matter.

We provide the highest quality roofing shingle materials on the market through CertainTeed© – the premier North American manufacturer of building materials for both residential and commercial construction projects. As a roofing brand of such a high caliber, we bring the quality that every project deserves.

Through our roofing brand, our shingle products are delivered with a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 to 30 years, depending on the materials used. Reach out to our roofing specialists today to review the available options and to also guarantee a one-year written installation warranty on any upcoming roofing projects that may be required.

With a combined 20 years of experience working in this industry, we rely on our  expert roofing service and knowledge that we have gained throughout the years to provide unbiased and professional attention. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers by providing expert services with the highest quality materials that leave a positive and lasting effect on our contribution to your property.  We aim to provide every person exceptional customer service all the time and every time, by training our roofing specialists to care for our customer’s needs and requests with an immediate helping hand.

Roofing can be dangerous work – that is why safety for our customers and our personnel is paramount to every project we pursue. As a licensed and insured roofing contractor, we are subject to OSHA regulations and perform within the necessary safety parameters when working on your property. Depending on the severity of the services required, we are always willing to accommodate the necessary requirements with any business or homeowner, as long as our safety procedures are in place for all parties involved.

Quality roofing Products.

As experts in the field of roofing, Roof Pros is a proud user and purveyor of Conklin© roofing products. Uniformly trusted across the country for over thirty-five years, Conklin© is characteristic of energy-efficiency through its leak-resistant and even cost-saving products. These products are guaranteed an ENERGY STAR© certification , and are backed by non-prorated warranties on labor and materials. We are proud to provide these superior products for all our customer’s roofing needs.

Residential Roofing

As many of our personnel can relate, we understand the importance of being a homeowner and the responsibility of owning a property.

Roofing can be an expensive headache, particularly when storm damage due to rain, limb debris, or even falling objects such as trees impact a roofing system.

We are here to help! With our expertise in residential roofing, our expert roofing specialists are ready to meet with you at your home to conduct and inspection and to provide the necessary consultation in roofing materials and options for a more durable, and longer lasting roof.

Call us today if you are a homeowner in need of service to your roof!

Commercial Roofing

Roof Pros is one of Georgia’s top commercial roofing contractors. We are trained to perform maintenance, restoration, repair, full replacement, and more for a variety of roofing systems, including flat roofs, metal roofs, foam roofs, and more.

We are familiar with encountering commercial roofs with poor and less than proper care-taking over the years.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services for each commercial roof that we provide service to. If you are a business owner who is considering an inspection or is even confident roofing services are required, don’t hesitate to call upon our expert roofing specialists for a no-cost, no-obligation, quick and immediate inspection and analysis on the roof in question.

Roof Replacement

Sometimes a roof will require more than just a repair, and may need a full roof replacement. If you are looking for a roofing company, don’t let this undertaking stress you out as an owner of a business or a homeowner; Reach out to us, we can provide dedicated, quality service on your roof with the greatest lasting value possible. As locals ourselves, our services and roofing products will ensure that your building stays leak-free, stable, and durable for years to come. Full roof replacements are traditionally the most expensive option when it comes to roofing services. At Roof Pros, we have learned a thing or two in our years in the industry. We understand the cost and full labor and time-table involved when it comes to such a venture, and we aim to provide what is required for your property before we must go through with a full replacement.

While such a project is not all doom and gloom, if your roof requires a replacement, that means you can choose from our wide array of quality materials to anchor the most impressive and long-lasting roof your property may have ever received. We guarantee our services will truly boost the sales factor of your property later down the road and become a real investment as a property renovated into something special.

As described above, sometimes a full roof replacement is not  necessary. If your residential or commercial property is simply encountering sustained damage or wear from decades of use, a roof restoration may be the better option. It is a common malpractice in the roofing industry where roofing contractors will insist upon a full roof replacement prior to the end of its life-cycle. At Roof Pros, we ensure a quality and honest inspection that guarantees the reality of your roof’s status and a satisfied peace of mind to your roofing project. A new roof is a serious investment, if a proper roof restoration is a better fit for the condition, then that is what we will bring to the project! Count on Roof Pros to bring the necessary foresight in your roofing needs today.

At Roof Pros, we take your individual roofing needs seriously. We provide every one of our customers the same top-tier customer satisfaction on all our roofing initiatives. When it comes to a full roof replacement, we know it can be expensive; that is why our know-how, coupled with our cost-saving and high-quality materials, can guarantee that your property could be in the best condition in its history with our roof system delivery. Our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 20, 25, or even 30 years depending on the materials and brand used for the roofing project in question. We also stand proudly behind our work with a one-year written installation warranty, hoping to ensure our commitment to your project and to our customers.

Roof Repair

Roof repairs in Georgia, Whether it is a commercial or residential property, we aim to provide long-term results for every roof we are working on. Through our professional roof inspections, we can devise a strategy to provide the best roof repair. Our team of highly trained professionals are ready to assist with the extensive knowledge base that they have to evaluate your roofing needs. Whether it is minor roof damage due to debris, hail or even a leak, our experts can provide a full understanding and analysis of your property’s roof and implement an action plan that will get a roof repaired in no time! Contact us today! Has your commercial or residential property taken damage? Troublesome limbs from trees beating down on your roof? Roof Pros specializes in roof repair services on a variety of roof types, including flat roofs, foam roofs, metal roofs, and more. To get a better understanding of your structure’s roof envelope, our specialty trained roof experts respond to the property once scheduled and provide a custom and curated roof inspection for your custom-built or traditionally designed property. ​Our contractors are trained to take full consideration of the age of the roof, the layout of your structure, and the required roofing materials that may be involved with curating the best plan to tackle your roofing needs.

Emergency Roof Repair.

Disaster can strike at any time, specifically as a result of weather damage from wind, water, snow, hail, and more. Sometimes the damage can be worse than imagined. If flying debris is involved and is impacting your home (possibly due to fallen trees, branches, or satellite dish failure that causes damage to your roof that requires immediate attention) our specialists are on-call and ready to provide service as immediately as possible. We have personnel available in the Clarke, Oconee, and Jackson county areas that can respond quickly to both residential and commercial roofing issues, provide a timely and necessary inspection,and then complete the required repairs when initiated to do so.

Free Roof Repair Estimate.

Roof Pros looks forward to the opportunity of serving you with quality attentiveness and providing a no-cost, comprehensive inspection for your roof. We make the inspection and implementation of our work as painless as possible to accommodate the needs of homeowners and business owners alike. No matter what is required, our roofing experts are only a call away!

Wood Rot Repair.

When condensation and hot temperatures combine, bacteria can start to cause serious problems. Fungi can cause a condition referred to as wood rot to occur – something that can inflict serious damage to an improperly insulated or deteriorated roof. Wood Rot prevents low moisture content from building on the roof interior. Our roofing experts are trained in remediation techniques such as implementing spray polyurethane foam roofing systems onto the roof envelope.  Roof Pros is skilled in providing the know-how and care into alleviating rot from your roof and to repair the roof system in no time. Locating the problem early can prevent investing in more expensive services later. Be proactive, let us be your roof experts!

Roof Coating.

A quality service provided by Roof Pros involves roof coating, a procedure commonly applied for roof repair projects and even basic roof maintenance services. This option allows property owners the opportunity to extend the life-cycle of the roof and to assist in viable durability for years to come. To any necessary residential or commercial roofing project, roof coating can be an added benefit to help the roof and to avoid a potential full roof replacement in the near future. There are many different options available for the type of coating material that can be used for your roofing system. If this is a service that you are interested in and don’t have enough knowledge about, give us a call today!

Free Roof Inspection

We provide a multi point inspection that covers all the vital parts of your roof and supporting structures. Our roof inspection service gives you a professional and certified report on the current condition of your roof, letting you know if the roof needs to be repaired or replaced, or its expected life expectancy. We recommend having your roof inspected annually.

Roof Maintenance

Basic attentiveness to your roof helps ensure roof repairs or  roof replacements stay to a minimum. Our professional attention to a variety of roof systems ensures longer lasting roofs by eliminating any existing issues and determining a better time-table of your roof in general. Routine maintenance is integral for just about all roofing types, and we are the number one consultant for your roofing services within and around the area.

What is better than a roof repair, restorations, or full replacement costs? Annual roof maintenance by Roof Pros! If you are a homeowner or business owner who just doesn’t have the time to maintain their roof on a consistent basis, our roofing maintenance experts are here to do the job!

Based on the custom design of your roof, along with the complexity of the materials used, your roof may require annual or even monthly maintenance to guarantee a full life-cycle and to continue in superior condition.

As local Georgia roofing contractors, Roof Pros is very familiar with the weather in our region and the unpredictability of storm damage. If you happen to spot visual dents, abrasions, marks, or anything else on the surface of your roof, don’t endanger your safety with inspecting your needs unless you feel obligated to do so. We are experts in the field of roofing, and are trained to provide safe, secure, and experienced analysis and maintenance on roof systems throughout the state.  We are familiar with working on a variety of roofs throughout the area, including the types listed below.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Requiring an annual inspection, flat roofs are commonly utilized in commercial properties, and can result in deterioration and damage particularly after patterns of hazardous weather. Unfortunately, flat roofs are susceptible to splitting, blistering, and ponding over time, and require a competent maintenance program to instill longevity for the business owner. Roof Pros  and our qualified maintenance personnel have the expert skills and quality equipment to properly remove any debris and dirt and to return any flat roof back to order. ​Call us today for work on your flat roof!

Metal Roof Maintenance

Since metal roofs are made with such resistant materials, metal roofs require low maintenance attention at an affordable price. With that in mind, it is still necessary to instill maintenance strategies for metal roofs over years of use. Our experts are trained to spot any unnatural changes in metal roof systems and can provide remediation strategies to weather the Georgian storms it may encounter in its lifetime. Even if you are concerned with the condition after one of Georgia’s downpour episodes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a no-cost, no-obligation inspection of your metal roof.

Foam Roof Maintenance

Our roofing specialists ensure high-quality materials and proper installation for your current roof and can instill a longer longevity for them for years to come. We have found that improper contractor workmanship can cause a lot of the problems on a roof, and that is why it is paramount to reach out to professionals such as Roof Pros to solve your roofing issues. Whether your issues are minor or major, or even a simple maintenance check-up is involved,relying on quality contractors to provide roof care and upkeep provides the owner peace of mind and the guarantee that the job is done correctly.

Roof Pros is dedicated to provide quality and professional work on every project we are given the honor to be involved with. We especially pride ourselves on the relationships we have built in our community based on the quality results we bring to our customers. Every roofing project is different, and not every customer we encounter has the same needs. We understand that our customers are our friends, our neighbors, and are contributors to the community – and we make sure to bring that familial bond to every person we meet and every roof we work with. You can depend on Roof Pros for your roofing needs! Don’t just choose any roofing contractor out there – choose a roofing expert! Call us today for a comprehensive inspection for your roofing needs.

Emergency Services

If you would like Roof Pros to help you navigate your insurance claim for storm damage to your home, please give us a call at 706-257-0142 to schedule your appointment TODAY!

Available 24/7

With over 20 years of combined contracting experience, Roof Pros has provided quality craftsmanship on residential roofs throughout the state of Georgia. We pride ourselves on the scores of satisfied homeowners we have had the pleasure of working for, and we aim to bring those same services to the Georgia counties of Clarke, Oconee, and Jackson as well!

Roof Pros services the cities of Clarke, Oconee and Jackson counties. If you live in this area, and your home has experienced storm damage from a recent hail or wind storm, Roof Pros provides a list of services that could be of use to you.

Our services include, but are not limited to: roof repair, roof replacement, gutter repair, gutter replacement, siding repair, siding replacement, window replacement, and home remodeling services.
At Roof Pros, we specialize in assisting our customers with help when dealing with their insurance company. We understand how insurance claims work, and we frequently deal with insurance adjusters. We speak their language, and we are here to advocate for you, the homeowner.

We Offer:

Quality Services. Reliable. Financing Available.


We Provide Quality Roofing Services

Residential Roofing

Whether you need your roof repaired or want a completely new one, we can do it for you. Our workmanship is second to none and we offer a wide range of roofing materials for you to choose from. Wherever you are in the process, we can provide you with the roofing solution that is best for your home.

commercial Roofing

We are experienced in all types of commercial roofing, from built-up, to metal, to shingles, and more. Whatever type of roof it is, you can be assured that we have the tools and expertise to get the job done right. Our team of roofing experts will provide you with the highest quality of service and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

roof inspection

Whether you need your roof repaired or want a completely new one, we can do it for you. Our workmanship is second to none and we offer a wide range of roofing materials for you to choose from. Wherever you are in the process, we can provide you with the roofing solution that is best for your home.

Roof and Gutter Repair

If you need your roof repaired, we can help you here too. We offer a wide range of roof repair services, including leak repair, shingle repair, roof flashing repair, and more. Our roof repair services are designed to fix any roof problems, no matter how big or small. We will inspect your roof for free, provide you with a written estimate for the repair work, and get to work immediately so you can resume normal business operations as quickly as possible.

roof maintenance

Roof maintenance should be a part of your home’s overall maintenance routine. We offer a wide range of roof maintenance services, including roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, mold and debris removal, and more. We understand that your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and we want to make sure that it is in the best possible condition.

Quality Roofing Materials

We offer a wide range of roofing materials for you to choose from. If you need roofing material for your home or business, you’ve come to the right place. We can provide you with any type of roofing material, including metal, tile, shingles, and more. We can also provide you with a consultation so you can get the right roofing material for your project.

Workmanship Warranty

At The Roofing Pros, we’re so confident in our work that we offer a workmanship warranty of one year. This means that if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, we will come back and fix it for free. Our roofing services are designed to provide you with the highest quality of workmanship and we will always go the extra mile to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

why choose us

Quality and Integrity are the cornerstones of this company.

We have been serving the Social Circle, GA area for years and have a long list of satisfied customers. Indeed, our portfolio speaks for itself, and we are proud of our reputation.

Quality and Integrity are the cornerstones of this company. As a team of professionals with extensive experience in the roofing industry, we make sure to place quality and customer service at the forefront of everything we do.

We're extremely passionate about what we do, so you can rest assured that with us, your project will be completed on time, on budget, and with the highest possible quality.

Our team of roofers are fully licensed and insured, and they will always go the extra mile to ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction. So whether it's a residential or commercial roofing project, we are ready to provide you with the best roofing solution for your home or business.

We can provide you with a free roof inspection, and we will also provide you with a written estimate for any roof repair or replacement work that you need.

We're available to answer any questions that you may have so go ahead and give us a call!

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We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our work. Our professional team of experienced roofers is skilled at handling all types of roofing projects, both large and small.

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We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our work. Our professional team of experienced roofers is skilled at handling all types of roofing projects, both large and small.

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