Roof Maintenance

Every part of your property will need some form of maintenance, and your roof is no exception.

Not only is your roof one of the most important parts of your home, it is also one of the most vulnerable parts. Intense sunlight, rain, snow, and other outdoor elements conspire to wear it down. It is therefore essential to perform regular inspections on your roof to catch potential problems before they become too big to handle.

Whether you have a new roof or are looking for ways to keep your current one in good condition, here are some basic things about how to maintain it.

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What is Roof Maintenance?

Roof maintenance is the periodical inspection of your roof so that it will continue to last as long as possible. The purpose, of course, is to make sure it is in good condition and kept protected from any potential damage.

Indeed, roof maintenance prevents damage from occurring in the first place. To be sure, the type of maintenance you need will depend on the type of roof. Some roofing materials, like slate or tile, will require special care, but many roofing materials are fairly easy to maintain.

Below are some of the benefits of periodic roof maintenance.

It Prevents Future Problems and Expensive Repair Costs

A roof inspection can help you identify problems before they become bigger. Even a single missing shingle can cause a problem that will compound over time. Having your roof inspected periodically can help you identify problems early on and avoid paying for costly repairs.

It Extends The Life of Your Roof

Your roof is one of your biggest investments. Periodic inspection, maintenance and repairs help you extend your roof's life and keep you from having to replace it prematurely, giving you the most out of your investment.

It Maintains Your Energy Bill

Energy efficiency starts with your roof and insulation. It goes without saying that the damage your roof accrues overtime will have an impact on your home's insulation. By regularly inspecting your roof and taking the necessary steps to repair any damage, you can keep your energy bills as low as possible. Indeed, the right roofing materials and a well-maintained roof can help you lower your energy bill by reducing the amount of heat that escapes from your home.

How To Inspect Your Roof

To keep your roof in good condition, it needs to be inspected regularly. The best way to do this is to have a professional roofer come out and look at it. They can tell you if there are any problems with your roof that need to be addressed.

If they find anything wrong, they will recommend the right repairs to make sure your roof stays safe for your family and belongings. Inspecting your roof is a great way to make sure it’s in top shape, but the process can be a little time consuming. Because of this, you’ll want to schedule regular inspections so you can catch any issues early on.

When inspecting your roof, a roofer will typically look for the following:

They may also look for signs of damage from other causes, such as hail, fire, or high winds.

Most premature roof failures are caused by neglecting preventive maintenance.

Regular preventive maintenance is key to getting the most service life from your roof. For this reason, accurate records of your roof’s history are vital to its long-term maintenance. This is why property managers and homeowners need to create a file of all records associated with their roof, including warranties, repairs, past inspections, and original building drawings.

In addition to having a professional perform an annual roof inspection, below are several basic preventive measures that need to be done on your roof throughout the year.

Preventive Maintenance is Key

Do You Need Roof Maintenance?

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